Fixing up my inherited Ludwig Classic Snare


A few months ago, I inherited a snare from my late grandfather - a maple 5"x14" Ludwig Classic with a P-87 throw off. Since then, I've tried all that I can to make it sound good - new heads, tuning, etc, but it always ends up sounding boxy no matter what's on it/how it's tuned. In addition to the sound, I find the snare system to be a big PITA, and I've fiddled with it to no avail. Since May, it's been sitting in its case and I've been really wanting to love it for how it is, but that's not the case.

Seeing as this is a snare I'm sure I'm never going to sell or give away, I've decided to send it to Precision Drum Co. for a few changes:
- Re-cut bearing edges to a rounded over 30-degree
- Patch the P-87 holes and drill for P-85 and P-32 butt plate
- Snare beds installed

A couple of y'all might be worried about the resale value or that it was my grandpa's drum, to clarify, he was never a musician and bought the snare for a cousin of mine who never played it. He was always a guy who preferred practicality in his tools and never let something sit there for the purpose of sentimentalism or value. I figured that the best way to honor his memory is to make the snare into something I plan to use often instead of something that's sitting in the case because I'm too afraid to touch it in fear of devaluing it.

Here's the original thread I posted about the snare:

Also included are pictures of when I first got the snare; since then I've cleaned it up and placed a standard Remo Coated Ambassador and Hazy Ambassador to no avail.



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If I wanted to set that particular drum up for use, I'd do the same.

Years ago I actually acquired a P87 set-up, and mounted it on a 5x14 Keller shell. A bit finicky to set up initially (I slotted the mounting holes to allow for vertical adjustment of the assembly). I would also describe the sound as boxy - it wasn't my cup of tea, either.