Fixing a reversed cymbal?


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So I was hammering a b8 crash that I intended to turn into a china, when it reversed on me and, well, I couldn't get it back into it's original shape. I tried hammering a bit more, but that only made it worse (shocking, I know.). What can I do to fix this? I'm not expecting anything other than a trashcan lid out of this thing, but still.

mike d

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Play it upside down?
In my high marching school band, one of our cymbal players smacked his cymbals so hard during a competition that he turned it inside out. He was crying at the end because he thought he had blown it for us. Truthfully... it was the least of our worries. I think a knee to the bell and a little muscle on the edges fixed it.


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Put a towel over the opening of a large planter (just slightly smaller than the diameter of the cymbal), place the cymbal on the towel and push as hard as required to invert the cymbal back to the original orientation.


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A cymbal reversed from playing is easily fixed. But when you hammer, you're displacing the the metal and trying to do it more on the topside than the underside. I'm guessing you hammered the wrong side and/or have a hammer and anvil with non-ideal surface area.

You can't just pop it back out. You can try hammering it more the opposite way of what you have been doing, but it's probably already been hammered way too much and the metal will be substantially weaker. You could also maybe try annealing it (heating it and then very slowly cooling it) to soften the metal and remove all of the stress in it, and then start hammering from scratch, but I'm assuming it's already a pretty wild shape and it will take quite a bit to get it cymbal-shaped again.