Fixing a Pearl Sensitone


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So I have this nice bronze Sensitone... that someone dropped. Looks like it landed square on one of the lugs. The damage is slight, but visible when you look close. It definitely flattened that side of the shell where that lug is.

So the question is... Is there a technique to fix this myself? Should I take it to a metal worker? A pro drum shop?

I think I'm going to take the hardware off and see what I can do myself.... wish me luck.
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If just the shell is dented and not the hoop, any drum shop will do. Most have a drumsmith on site who can pop that out and get you back on the gig trail.
If the drum is seriously out of round, then you're looking at a parts list of replacements.
Use a drum shop you trust and have it done right. You'll be thankful later.