Fish's Yamaha club custom

I've finally snapped a few pics of my kit to share with the community! This has been an interesting year for my drum gear purchasing. Many times I fell on a certain drum kit or cymbal that was the one before settling on something else! The process of picking out my kit actually took a few months. At the time I had a gretsch club Catalina and a Ludwig ?uestlove breakbeats kit. The gretsch was my first "real" kit and I bought the Ludwig because I wanted something that was easy to transport. Eventually after graduating college I wanted to treat myself to a new kit, because hey I earned it right! So I sold both kits and began my search!

After doing my research I had narrowed it down to a few kits.. Most of which were out of my price range. I really had my heart set on a Yamaha club custom but I couldn't find any that were at a reasonable price. So ultimately I settled on a DW frequent flyer. I was extremely excited about this kit. I ordered it in what I thought was the white onyx finish, but unfortunately when it arrived it was the white gloss finish.. After calling my salesman it was an honest misunderstanding, I told him the white finish not even knowing that the white gloss finish exsisted. He told me he could fix it but it would be a month before the new kit came.. I couldn't wait that long so I stuck with the gloss finish. The kit still looked cool, and sounded AMAZING. Also it was light and he to transport.

About 5 months after my purchase I was browsing reverb for fun and stumbled on a Yamaha club custom at a damn good price.. I couldn't help myself I went ahead and bought it. I wasn't disappointed. I mean DAMN these kits are gorgeous and they sound incredible. I have the 13/16/24 model. I love it. I really want to add a 14 floor tom but I haven't been able to find one. I also added the Steve Jordan signature Yamaha snare which I found used st my local GC at a pretty good price. Steve is my all time favorite drummer and I've always loved his snare sound, which is a huge reason why I went with this snare. I won't say that I was blown away buy the snare but it has a solid sound.. I'm still looking for a snare to replace it that sounds closer to what Steve's playing but I might change to wooden hoops in an attempt to capture that sound.

On to the cymbals! Currently I am playing to Zildjian medium thin 16" crashes as my hi hats. I like the beefy sound but this might not be the perfect combination yet, but I'm getting there. It was difficult to leave my favorite hi hats (hhx groove hats) but they didn't offer the sloshy/beefy sound that my Crash hats offer. My right side crash is a Sabian freq crash. This cymbal has been on my kit the longest. It's a solid darkish sounding cymbal. I actually am actually considering replacing it for something a little bigger. Despite loving the freq smooth dark sound, I feel like it doesn't really fit the sound of my kit anymore and it has too quick of a sound. So maybe if you guys have any suggestions for my right side crash leave a comment!;)

My ride cymbal is currently the 24" Zildjian k light ride. I always loved this cymbal and many friends used it on their kit and I really dug it. After having it for a few months I can't decide how I feel about it. I love its stability and sound, but often the crash sounds too gong like and it doesn't have great definition. After replacing my all time favorite ride (meinl transitilon ride) I think it has done a solid job. I don't see myself replacing this cymbal unless I get my hands on a Paiste traditional light ride, and with their price I don't see this happening anytime soon. Lastly my left side crash is probably my favorite cymbal on the kit. It's a 22" k con medium thin low ride. I love this thing. It is a tremendous crash, and an awesome ride on lighter gigs! I can't say enough about this cymbal!

Anyways the result of all of my recent purchases have led me to almost perfect setup and a poor DW kit hanging out in my room. I just need to settle the snare and right Crash situation! Anyways enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!
Well for whatever reason it won't let me upload my pictures on my phone so I'll have to upload them in the morning from my computer! Stay tuned!