First time In Ear Monitors


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After 25 years of playing drums in rock bands in all sorts of venues and all types of gigs... I’m FINALLY wanting to pull the trigger on IEMs. For at least my
First set I don’t want to go the molded route.. keep the cost low. So I was looking at getting a little Behringer 4 channel mixer with maybe some Shure SE215 or maybe Sennheiser IE 40 ear phones.

does anyone have experience with drumming live with these? Or suggest anything else for a starter IEM setup?


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I've been using the se215's for 5-6 years. If you used earplugs before, your transition to the 215's will no problem.
I recently got a small mixer so I can add my kicks to the mix (use to be just click), so now I'm getting use to my kicks up close and personal.


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Go with KZ Zs10 Pro or AS10. The shures VS these are completely overpriced. I ditched my shures a day after I got my KZ.

Or you can go the custom route. I got Ultimate ears UE5 pros and the fit and sound are worth every penny.


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I started with 215's - explore all the different types of tip for best fit.
I now use UE4's and agree that custom molded IEM's are worth every (expensive) penny - probably the best money I've ever spent on ANYTHING to do with my drums!


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The KZ AS10's are FANTASTIC sounding! I was really surprised. I actually got them based on the reviews on Drummerworld.
Not very expensive, if you don't need to go the custom molded route.