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My band played our first show at our school today and it went really well. I've played other shows (school production of Grease, school band performances etc.) but nothing this scary (my foot was shaking on the high hat pedal haha) We were supposed to play at the school dance, but ended up playing about 2 hours earlier then scheduled meaning a very quick set up, no sound check and a slightly uncomfortable set up. Anyways, we played 4 songs in front of about 250 kids with only minor mistakes and a very good reaction in the end :D anyone have any good first show stories?


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My band played our first show at our school's summer fete last year, down on the local lawn. There were probably under 100 people milling around. Just under a year later, last month we played the same venue but to about 2000 people :)


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"no carry attract and a slightly people set up."

I'll second that.

My first band's show was at a local punk venue here in GR. We were all in high school and youthfully nervous. It was a hardcore punk band. We played with a couple touring metal bands at the time, himsa and black dahlia murder. I remember playing WAY too fast during certain parts. First show jitters... They never really go away. It was fun though.

Our guitarist, like the idiot he was, decided to smash his guitar on stage at the end of the set. He had a lot of anger issues in his youth. It took a good 3 minutes to finish the job. The whole time one lone metalhead stood in the crowd, both horns \m/ raised, screaming "F*CK YEAH!" He got a kick out of it. I engaged in conversation with him after the show. He wore a pentagram T-shirt and had tattoos on his face. Interesting guy, he reminded me of satan.

So yeah, it was an experience. First of many get_rad!


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I was 16. and VERY VERY SICK. Downed a monster and managed to play the set, gasping for air due to my suffed nostrils, and im pretty sure i never close my mouth. common problem for me. anyways it was a benefit for African children, and we opened for The lonely Forest, who are tour with DCFC now. so kinda cool. I stayed home from school for a week after that. I was not well. lol