First practice, off to a good start


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I am starting a band with my good friend, and we had our first practice today. We are both drummers, both play some percussion (he does more than me) and I play keyboard as well. We were (and still are) looking for a bassist/guitarist to make it a trio, but we've been looking for a while so I decided to just get together and play to see how it turned out.

It turned out pretty good. We haven't really discussed any songs yet, so we just kind of laid out some original material. We recorded a few different things. First two were me on the keys and him on the drums. One of them still needs a lot work on both of our parts. The other I thought came out pretty well for the first time playing it. Both have promise once we improve upon them.

The third recording was me on the drums (snare turned off) and him on the djembe and bongos. Basically, he kept a steady feel on the djembe with the occasion fills and complicated patterns. I kept things interesting on the drums with some syncopated tom beats and fills, and even a few polyrhythms. I thought this one came out really well. There were spots that didn't sound right or musical at all, and there were spots that sounded really cool. Building upon this I think we can develop a very cool piece of music.

We're still looking for a bassist/guitarist, but I figure I'm not going to rush. It seems like this duet has got plenty of promise.

Just thought I'd share how things are going!