First Gig, Need tips


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I see that you have played that first gig- so well done to you for joining the ranks of gigging drummer!

Its such a great feeling being up there in front of people.

My only contribution is that you need to be flexible and try not to let things worry or put you off.

Things out of your control will happen!!! Like that snare stand that is so strong you could have stood an Elephant on it at home will suddenly lose the ability to stay straight while your playing etc etc....

Just read some of the threads concerning what has happened to many of us in our 'moments in the spotlight'!

Just relaxed go with the groove and it will all work itself out-

If not, pick yourself up and try it all again- preferably at a different venue!!! haha



So finally the time for my first gig has come. It's on Monday. The venue is quite a decent club. Approximately 9 more bands are gonna play there as well, so it's kind of like a festival. Some really good bands, some not so good ones, and us :)

Bought a snare drum today, tuned it, sounds really cool. Tomorrow's our last rehearsal before the show. Hopefully we'll have time to play all of our songs (5 + an intro), but since there are many other bands, I'm not sure of this. Bought a hi-hat clutch as well. The drum kit there is: SONOR FORСE 3005 FSH3255 22", 12", 13", 16"

I usually play with just one rack tom, but I'm not sure I'll have the time to remove the other one, so gonna have to cope with two.

So yeah, my first ever gig, OUR first ever gig, in fact. Any ideas? Cause it's not like we're playing in our backyard to a bunch of friends... It's a proper venue. Not many people, of course, because it's Monday, but still...

Thanks :)
how do you not have time to remove a rack tom?
thats preposterous


Well, we had like 25 minutes for the set, including all the setting up. Removing the second rack tom involves not only removing the tom itself, but also the mic. I don't think they'd have let me do that anyway... The time constraints are pretty strict. We have a gig on the 20th of January now))) Pretty cool, it's great to be gigging)))

Hey, if anyone's interest, here's a video of one our songs, the lightest and "poppiest" one:

It's the one where I play bass drum triplets and doubles at the end of the song... Dunno if they're audible. Comments are welcome. I'm not showing off, but... you know, if anyone's interested... Cause I'm self-taught and have been playing for only like 4-5 months, once a week at band practice, so I'm not really experienced or anything...