First gig advice


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Hey guys, I am going to be playing my first show with the school band since joining earlier in the year when I just started high school. The drummer they had has now basically finished school so I now play all the gigs. I am playing at a small town festival next Saturday and I am quite exited but a little nervous too, any advice that I should know before going into this? I am well prepared and in my eyes ready to do it.
Ryan H


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I am finishing school at the end of this year after being part of a couple of jazz bands through my time at high school.

Just don't forget to look at your conductor if you have one for queues and such. Play the dynamics of the song, which brings more excitement and attention to the song you are playing. Have fun is the important thing and wear a smile! I used to be extremely nervous and anxious when I played in front of my music class in yr 9. I have performed and played many times since and have gotten much better tolerance with regards to nerves. The more you perform the better it gets! so just enjoy it,

Also although this may be a jazz band you may be unlikely to drop a stick, but I always keep one rested on the bass drum. Just incase. It would be a hassle to drop one and not being able to reach for it during the song.



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Use the bathroom before going on stage, and make sure you have everything before you leave to set up, eat well, ...