First edit of my promo reel


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Hey drum buddies!

My guitarist left our band about a month ago, in a text message the night before a show, so I've been practicing by myself and working on promo reels. Here's the first one, enjoy :)


Couldn't get the embedded video to work so here's a link:


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Cool video, love the energy, I saw influences from Keith Moon and a bit of Meg White. Which is good.. but are you o.k. not being a dynamical player?


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Passionate and spirited stuff, Anisa, although the sound quality was rough. I don't see any Meg influence - more Phil Selway (obviously), Moonie and Dave Grohl.

I would have liked to have seen the full cover of Paranoid Android. It would show off the light and shade of your playing ... and I've always loved that song ...


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Yeah, spirited is an understatement. Absolutely love your playing in the Florida Music Festival clip. Really tasty well placed fill and syncapated tom work. Oh so simple, oh so effective. You have a power & trashiness that's very appealing, bordering on messy and overplaying, but that's your whole vibe. You're a passion driven player with an almost agressive presentation that places technique somewhere west of Mongolia! Love it.

Don't expect you're going to be posting much in the jazz threads!

Oh, BTW, what a wimp of a guitarist! Night before the gig? By text? What a jerk.


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Thanks for the comments.

Pollyanna: I wish I had full audio of our "Paranoid Android" cover, I loved playing it.

Ethan01: I'm not sure what "a dynamical player" is, but I know nothing makes me happier than sitting down at my set. I'm more than ok with that :)

KIS: Thanks! Whenever I jam with new people they always say I play with my entire set instead of just keeping a beat or playing time. I love playing jazz, but haven't really done it since high school. Thank you for the encouraging words :)

Yes, my former guitarist is a huge jerk. He tried to keep video of our band from me when I told him I was making reels. Yes, he definitely texted the bassist and I the night before a big show that he was "burnt out" classless and immature.