First Drum Cover

Grace :)

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Hey guys, I've just put up my first drum cover onto youtube. It's a cover of an NSYNC song (I'm not really sure why I chose it -it's just a lot of fun to play!) Anyway it took me forever to record this because I've never done it before and I had to mix two audio tracks together and then the audio and video. But I think I'm starting to get my head around it

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and any feedback is greatly appreciated :)


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I thought you did great! Nice fills and nice beat you layed down there at the beginning
Not my kinda music but hope to see more covers :)


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Let's see, I have a couple of observations about this.
In general, it's not bad, I like the present hi hat, I think you also managed a decent sound, the video could be a bit more zoomed out, though.
However, do you know how to play doubles? Because I felt this was lacking a bit in snare drum articulation, ghost notes (with doubles and not), and they could work nicely on the hi hat as well, making it easier and smoother to play the groove you are laying down. I also felt the filling (a couple of the fills were a bit off, but not terribly) and general playing a bit "boxy" and straight ahead, and I again think it's because of this lack of dynamics. I don't know if you're working with a teacher at the moment, or for how long you've been playing, as stated above, I do think this is alright, but it could sound a lot better if you introduced a bit more finesse into your playing; so if you're studying with someone you might want to ask about that. I liked the ride bell groove. Nice Dream stack.



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Hey! You show a lot of promise, and I like you're ghospel'ish approach to fills and groove!
What I would suggest is to practice the fills some more with a metronome to really nail them and get them tight. Other than that, it's pretty good!


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Nice, I actually like the power that the straight 16ths bring to the party, although doubles would leave room for greater dynamic expression. A bit less fill & a bit more groove would help the vibe. Overall, a lot less complexity would take the slightly frantic feel away, & replace it with solid backbeat groove. Great effort. Keep on having fun with your playing, & let the music dictate your playing, rather than trying to cram as many chopsy bits in as possible.

Grace :)

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Thanks for all your comments and feedback -its greatly appreciated!

Anyways, in response to the feedback i do work with a teacher so i'll definitely make sure that i work on stuff like getting more dynamics into my playing. And making things more interesting. Ill also make sure i play with a metronome aswell to get the timing just right

ill make sure i work on the stuff you guys have mentioned -thanks again