first Double Bass Pedal, what to get?


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Hi, im looking at buying a double bass pedal, im looking for one that is in the 100-200 euro area. not a top quality one. just something to replace my terrible stock pedal.

if you know any good double bass pedals for that price,please tell. thanks

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DW 5000, Iron cobra or Eliminator. If those are too expensive brand new, try getting one of craigslist. A used pedal like those will be a whole lot tougher than a cheaper brand new pedal. There should be no reason why a used pedal is rusty or broken because they always come with cases. However if you do find someone selling a "used up" pedal and it doesnt feel right, don't buy it.

I just converted 200 euros and found out it's enough to get a power or rolling glide IC twin. However, it seems like a lot of stuff is expensive in the UK.. In fact I can pick an IC up here for $130 cheaper than getting it through an American site like music123. Even though the Canadian dollar is puny in comparission its still $30 cheaper before converting.
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