finger tapping phone app?

Diet Kirk

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Just reading the "aered" drums thread and it reminded me of something.

Isn't there an iphone app out there somewhere that allows you to tap away on a surface and it reproduce sounds?

Not quite the same granted, but does anyone know what the app is called and if there is an android version?

I've often tapped out cool rhythms on bannisters and desks etc and thought it would be cool to be able to record them!


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Sort of, but I'm sure the app I'm thinking of was slightly different to that. It more interpreted your tapping and amplified the sounds of whatever you were hitting with your hand.

I honestly can't remember enough details to even work out what to search for on google.

this kind of thing
That looks awesome! But isn't that TableDrum app the thing you're looking for?

EDIT: I found an android equivalent for that: It's called Drumr
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