Finger Pain on Ride QUESTION


So long story short. I've had pains in my fingers (right hand) while playing. More so when I played the ride. No in hindsight, it started when I bought a new Soultone Heavy/thick ride. My main question is; Can thicker heavier ride cymals cause q negative reverb force on the stick causing finger pains from vibration?. Because I sood that ride and now im playing drums (no ride) but my hands seem fine and not fatigued in the fingers. Im like dumbfounded. So I was thinking about getting a lighter thinner ride as I dont have one at the moment. Thoughts please.


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Couple of thoughts... 1st - sounds more like a technique / grip issue. 2nd - are you working too hard to play loudly?

Can you post a 15-30 second video clip in this thread showing how you normally play the ride?

Cymbals definitely have different feels to them based on alloy. Some feel a little stiffer to play than others. This has to do with alloys as much as it has to do with weight.

That said, regardless of alloy or weight - it almost always comes down to technique.


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Hitting any really hard surface constantly could cause finger/vibration pain and yes, you may have to change your technique. Loosen your grip a bit. Or don’t ride a cymbal, use an x-hat or hi-hats more.

Phil A.

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Yes generally when you have a surface with more rebound you have to loosen your grip. I've get that kind of pain when I play a realfeel pad after only playing on a snare head for a few weeks.


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Have you been doing something else , that would stress your fingers, and just the drumming inflames the issue? I’ve had that a few times and took me a bit to associate what was cause- doing something else I’d just forgotten.


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No in hindsight, it started when I bought a new Soultone Heavy/thick ride.
Riddle me this: When you acquired and installed said ride cymbal, what else did you change?

Angle and height changes can cause technique changes which can cause pain if your technique loses its form.

Bo Eder

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When I joined my first drum corps at 14, we didn’t have drums yet and the corps built these wooden tables for us to play on for the first few weeks. I think that honed a lot of technique issues and we learned how to play on anything without damaging our hands. So likewise when the Simmons craze came about on the 80s, I didn’t have a problem playing those and met a lot of people who were suffering through “tennis elbow” and other ailments. I concur this is a technique issue.