Finding your form


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I got back into drumming very recently with a set of Bonham sized drums that are all 70's era Ludwigs in phenomenal shape. The kick is a 24" but the snare, ride and floor toms are all Bonham sizes. I got lucky and I know it. They are all in great shape and the wrap is very bright!!!

But I love the jazz moves over the rock moves even though there is overlap at different levels.

So I picked up a 20" kick that came with a 13" ride and a 16" floor.

With the first set came a pair of ~1972 toms in 12 and 13 so I mounted them as my rides and left the 16" floor tom for my fourth.

I played it this afternoon. I have found my form.

What is yours?

Lets hear about your configuration and how it speaks to you.

PS - I need another cymbal


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What is yours?

Lets hear about your configuration and how it speaks to you.

Classic old school late '80s Tama Granstar 9 pcs. was the only drum configuration I wanted since I saw Mr Ulrich in a Tama catalog around 1994. He was pictured behind the kit and put under 9 pcs. Rockstar for whatever editorial reasons I guess.

Anyway I went on playing guitar and by 2003 I finally went that drum kit lets find it. Let's go! So on to the yahoo browser to type in Tama Granstar. How difficult is it to find a 9 pcs. big size kit in Europe late '80s? Really?

There it was or some of it actually most of it and then bingo! After a few emails with John Henry rental in UK I had 8 drums on the way to Denmark.

Having never had a drum kit before and only knowing how to play 8 notes on the hihat I had to start somewhere with something that would inspire me.

I had to work on getting the kit out of 2 years retirement and locating hardware, glue and what not but it was fun and part of learning. Most importantly getting it in tune with the help of a Tama Watch. That tool helps me staying in tune for years and the kit is fully open in sound.

Getting used to it was simple and I had read a interview with Ulrich saying that to balance himself he had the left foot on the left pedal most of the time which helps me a lot and easier access to second bass drum. Also as I was not used to anything else it was easy to get used to and now so many years later it feels right and still does + the sound and craftmanship of Tama is high quality indeed. Only 1 tom braket needed replacement and some tension screws but minimal even for ex rental

PS I also need cymbals and another hihat