Finding the right metronome setting....

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Hey everyone I'm Justin.

I'm having trouble setting a metronome. I don't know where my BMP should be set.

I have some songs up on facebook could you let me know where my metronome should should be set

These songs are recorded without a metronome (obiviously).

I'm guessing that would both need to be set a 110BMP in 4/4.

Let me know what you think. And any other tips you could give about setting the right times for a songs would be great. I have use a tap metronome I just don't know it I'm doing it right.

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I don't Facebook and can't see your link from this computer. But there's an easy way around this. Does your metronome have a tap function? Most do....even the cheap ones. Play your song and push the "tap" button on the quarter note. Do this for a bar or two and bingo....instant tempo.