finding students


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for all the drum teachers out there:

how do you go about finding new students? how did you initially put yourself out there? there's so many teachers out there, that it can seem impossible to distinguish oneself on the scene. yet there must be tricks I haven't thought of, so I'm wondering what you all did when you were getting started teaching private lessons.

so far i've posted an ad on craigslist, posted (nice) flyers all over town (Boston) and spread the word as much as possible. any other ideas?


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Some of my students have come out of the Omaha craigslist, but most come from either recommends, word of mouth, or some have come from them coming out to hear me play. Getting your name out to music stores as a sub is also a good idea. Make some biz cards up for yourself. You'll have opportunities to hand them out to folks at gigs.


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This is not so much a "drum teacher" thing as it is a "Marketing" thing. Start telling EVERYBODY you speak to locally that you are a "DRUM TEACHER". Go to local high schools/junior high schools/even elementary schools and talk to the music teachers. They will listen....if you know what you are talking about. Give it a go and talk yourself up!