Finding quality drum charts (transcriptions) of jazz standards


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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some quality drum charts (transcriptions) of jazz standards. E.g. All blues, Footprints, Impressions... Etc..., And ideally another few dozen..
Don't ming paying for good quality charts.
Does anyone know a good source / website or book for these?

What I have tried so far:
Transcribing a few myself - this did help with learning but very time consuming and I'm limited by 'what I can hear'
Googling, of course, found music charts websites, mainly got guitar chart results, strangely
Amazon - there are few books, with about 10 charts each, only one of which I'm interested in. Would be good to just be able to get these song by song.
Asking other drummers... Someone mentioned 'Miles Davis combo packs' which I tried to find, no luck...

Any thoughts will be most welcome.


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There are a ton of them available for free on my blog, or you can get them in printed form in my books. There's also a book called drum standards that's good. You should continue doing them yourself, as well-- it is time-consuming, but that's just the nature of homework. You learn a lot more from it, and you do get better at it.