Finding Older DW Hardware


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Hey all,

Where is the best place to find older DW hardware, used or new doesn't matter as long as the parts are in good condition.

I just got an older DW kit and it needs a few parts here and there (broken lug on snare, some rusted rims, etc). Are the chrome lugs from late 80s/early 90s DW kits the same as the chrome lugs today? Also I want to make sure the rims match, are they specific to DW and that particular year, or are they more generic where I can get a replacement at Pro Drum in Hollywood?



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Rims are likely generic rims bought in bulk like any other company.

Yours (very nice I might add--I liked those shells) is older so the rims for sure wouldn't be of any different design than what was out. DW now uses 1.6, 2.3 and 3mm for different drums/sizes.

As far as I know, the lugs are exactly the same now as then. The only difference MIGHT be if your receiver nuts use standard, or the tru-pitch rods they have now. By the age, probably regular rods--but I can't remember when they came out with the extra thread rod.
If that's the case, just change out the receiver nuts and rods you have and put them on the new jug.

Have fun with the kit!


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Karl, you rock! Thanks.

Speaking of having fun with the kit, I was even considering adding black nickel hardware to it. Theres also a finish that I love, its flat black (see pic). I was thinking of having this done, maybe to my DWs or maybe another kit. If there was a way to do a flat black wrap without affecting the original wrap (like go on top) I would consider that too. Whaddya think?