Finally, pictures of my Yamaha Stage Custom

Hey everyone,

Been a long-time reader here, occasional poster, and I've only recently gotten all the pieces of my "first" kit together. Of course, I realize now that I will always want to get new, different gear - but after building this up for 2 years, I'm happy to share it!

Shell pack is the only "original" thing left. Gone are the B8 cymbals, old hi hat/bass drum pedal, stands and snare.

Yamaha Stage Custom 12, 13, 16, 22
14" Anton Fig Snare
14" A Custom Mastersound Hats
18" HHX Evolution Crash
18" Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash
21" HHX Groove Ride

Let me know what you think! And thanks for looking!


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Nice kit!

I frequently use a Stage Custom of the same vintage and it's a great sounding kit, and it's very easy to tune. The bass drum is especially nice.