Finally, My Fave Drumsticks


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I know the choice of drumsticks is a highly personal choice and the only "correct", choice is the pair you choose. After trying out many brands, sizes, tips etc etc I have found my go to drumsticks.
Promark American Hickory Pro Round TXPR5AW.

C.M. Jones

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It's a huge relief to settle on a stick model. Nothing is more important to a drummer's task. Unless we're playing "Moby Dick," our hands never touch drums or cymbals. Our sticks are extensions of our body in that sense.

I used Promark for a long time -- and even worked at their factory back in high school -- but switched to AHEAD a few years ago. I don't think about sticks anymore. It's nice to put the topic to rest and get on with drumming.
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I think that after almost 2 decades of playing i know which sticks are the ones for me. Like @C.M. Jones posted it's all about feeling right.
For me those are maple 5B sticks. Lightweight, but still have nice diameter so they don't feel thin.
Currently using Vater Sugar Maple 5B's because the Todd Sucherman signature sticks (which i used before) are in comparison too expensive. And also because the Vater sticks seem to last longer.