Finally got around to buying an aluminum snare...

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You just can't go wrong with an Acro.


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Thanks guys! I had about an hour to try some tunings, and play a bit, and I’m thinking this will be a lasting relationship. ?


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I've had at least a half-dozen Acrolites, but never a 6.5" version. I'd love to get my hands on one.

Can't write this post without saying just how incredibly pretty your Ludwig WMP kit is. I'm a sucker for WMP on anything, but combined with a classic-looking Ludwig kit results in a masterpiece of a drum set! Kudos for picking the RIGHT color! (My avatar at left clearly gives away my bias!)



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Those make my heart melt in envy listening to a Ludwig Acrolite aluminum snare drum. Looks deep too! I bet it has a nice meaty flame to it as well. Loving the white kit also, looks to be a white pearl... marine? Either way, you practically have my dream kit bud :) Salute to the blue and olive! Also, like the Paiste 2002 behind it.


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Thanks again,guys! It’s my dream kit too. Now all I need is a gong?. Might have a tough time convincing my honey... “you want to spend how much to hit something twice a year???!!”

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The kit does look spectacular!

I gigged last nite with a Premier HiFi aluminum snare built circa sometime in the 70's. It was the 'premiere" (sorry could not resist) of our re-formulated band where we're doing more jazz. I tried out all the snares in my stable the last week and that aluminum Premier fit our sound quite nicely. It also seems easier to tune that wood-shell snares. It's just a really nice sound. I'm on lookout for a vintage Acro now!!!


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I'm going to have to get me a thin aluminum snare at some point. Maybe an Acro. My Gretsch cast aluminum is definitely one of my favorites. It's really a ton up between that an my bronze. It depends on if I want a more open or focused tone. The aluminum is just easier to tame. I've played a few Acros at local GC stores. They have been consistently nice. Definitely a nice addition to a killer looking kit Jbravo!


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Thanks for the nice comments! I considered a Supraphonic, but decided why pay more for a drum that may have complexion issues in its old age? Pretty much anything I buy nowadays is bought to be kept forever.


That's pretty sweet! I have a 6.5" acro that's almost identical to yours and it's my main snare - love it! Hope you have many happy years with it (y)