Finally found the matching snare!


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Hey everybody,

After having my kit for 6 years (and 3 years of watching ebay) I finally found the matching snare for my set. Drums with the Deep Blue Onyx (or Oyster, they changed the color name) wrap don't pop up very often, and they few I've seen go for ridiculous prices compared to other finishes. A few others have come and I've backed out, but this was at least a decent price.

Despite having several other great snares, I'm so pumped to have this one. I polished it and put new heads on, but I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet besides tuning. Also I bolted on a new MAG throw-off. Hopefully later this week I'll be able to reunite this with its sisters on my set.

Unfortunately, somehow this snare was rusty. I knew that buying it, but I still can't understand how someone lets there $600+ snare rust through the chrome on the rims. I cleaned it up and you can hardly let unless your up close. Once I save up some more money this baby is getting new rims and tension rods. Somehow the lugs are perfectly fine.

Here it is folks: DW Collector's 5 x 14 Blue Onyx Snare w/ the 10 and 6 shell.

Another interesting note: This drum was born in the same year as my set. I don't remember the exact dates, but I'm crossing my fingers that it might have been made with the set.

Pictures of full set to follow.


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So, I've been playing around with tuning this drum, and for the most part I love. But, I'm wonder what heads other people with 10 + 6 shells are using. I threw on the Aquarian Studio-X w/ power dot because I had it already, but it seems a little dead to me. What is everyone else using on these?

Bo Eder

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I always used white coated ambassadors and ambassador snare sides when I owned two DW snares. That seemed to work the best.


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I have a 5X14 Collector's Series 6+6, and a 6X14 10+6. I use coated Ambassador heads on both drums.

By the way, beautiful finish on your drums. Mine are Blue Glass. I would have much preferred the oyster or onyx, but they had discontinued it by the time I ordered my kit.


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Ah, yes! The good old coated ambassadors! I normally use them on everything except when I feel adventurous. They will probably be up next for this drum, but like I said I had this head sitting around. I needed any head to put on this drum for the picture. I kinda wish I took a before was awful. A broken throw-off, a beat to crap powerstroke, and visible rust on the rims and tension rods. It was surprising bad, but nothing a couple hours of work couldn't fix/hide.

The studio-x is a good head for certain things, but its just a little too dampened for me. A friend of mine uses them a bunch and he really likes them. And as far as I can tell their coating lasts really well.