Finally bit the bullet


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And placed an order for a Ludwig Black Beauty. 6.5 x 14, triple-flanged hoops, Imperial lugs, P-86 strainer.

I have reached a point in my life when I've decided I should spend some money on gear. I behaved too much for too many years by refraining from buying it, and I've decided to make up for lost time. I still need a couple more snares in my arsenal, but I'm on the fence about the particulars. This one, however, I have always known I would eventually get. So why not get it now, right?

Can't wait. I'll post pics when I get it, of course.

Inordinately pleased with himself,


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I don't have a metal snare, but one day, one day, a black beauty will be mine. Nice choice and I hope it will bring lots of satisfaction.



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8Mile, bought the exact same snare a couple of months ago...........changed the throw-off to a Trick.

At first, it took me awhile to feel like I got my moneys worth, but hands down, it is the best snare I have ever owned

Good luck, I'm sure you'll love it


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Congratulations! Enjoy that drum for the rest of your playing days.

I know how that feeling is when you reach that decision point after years and years of not buying much more than sticks and heads for upkeep.



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There are a few things that you can just keep maintaining, and a few you can not. You need good cymbals, and a good snare. You made a fabulous choice! Don't ever get rid of it. it will last you the rest of your life, literally. It is one of those heirloom objects, and will only appreciate in value, especially if Ludwig has to keep restricting production.


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And placed an order for a Ludwig Black Beauty. 6.5 x 14, triple-flanged hoops, Imperial lugs, P-86 strainer...
Nice combo - IMO BB's are still one of the greatest drums out there, regardless of price. They're not cheap, but for anyone thinking of going crazy boutique, or just a metal snare in general - try a modern day BB first - worth the price...

With this drum, you're not going to need very many other snares, except for maybe some very specific sounds..


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It's a happy Fathers Day present, look at it like that. Hey Lar, you deserve it. Does it feel weird splurging on yourself? I mean it's not THAT extravagant of a splurge. One could say it is a need not a want. Yea, that's the ticket lol...


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The're the drummers drum.

The're legend for a reason.

Even used,they fetch good money.

Time to join the club Mr Mile....happy fathers day!

Steve B


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There's nothing that makes everything "right" in the world quite like playing a beautiful instrument does. Enjoy!


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Nothing like the anticipation of a new drum, & especially one you've coveted for so long. Congratulations, it's big smile time :)


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Well, my baby has arrived. Got here last weekend, took it for a spin at band rehearsal last night and gigged with it today.

I could not be more pleased! It's really everything I hoped for, and then some. I don't have a quality picture yet. The ones I took were in a dimly-lit room and the flash ruined the images. I'll post a good one when I have it.

In the meantime, this turned out to be the great purchase I hoped it would be. It's cool when that happens, because it doesn't always.

Bo Eder

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Congrats! Those are quite lovely - I'm glad it's more than you expected! I think I want to come over, eat some french fries and then handle the drum. Then it'll be broken in ;)