Finally, a video: The Michael Carlos Band plays "Preacher With A Gun"


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Finally, after some months of patient waiting, I do have some video to share from my newest venture. This is the band I auditioned for some months ago, at a gig last month, and in front of one of our largest audiences to date. The camera work is by my wife, who is my biggest fan. Enjoy!

Video here
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Looks like a fun gig! Agreed on the drums being way down in the mix, but I could pick up the snare occasionally, & the cymbals. From what I could hear, sounded like good playing to me, & the audience were entertained. Job done!


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I think part of that is probably from my wife being stationed about five feet from one of the PA stacks, and the sound is from the handheld camera and not from the board... but thanks for the kind words! It was a very fun gig, and continues to be a very fun band.