Fighting my hoops


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Anyone have any tips or tricks to help with this?...

When you start to finger tighten the tension rods, the first tension rod you tighten pulls the hoop over towards that lug, (obviously), but it eventually means that once you've finger tightened all the rods to supposedly the same tension, they're no where near even cos the hoop has been knocked off centre.

To avoid this I hold the opposite side of the hoop in place, (to the first tension rod I'm tightening), to stop it skidding across. It doesn't completely solve the problem but it helps. I actually end up doing this for the first 3 - 4 rods I tighten until the hoop is tight enough not to budge. It's easily the most time consuming part of tuning and getting it wrong makes even tuning near impossible.


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That's right, If you don't get the head seated properly you have no chance of a good tune.

I finger tighten two opposing rods at the same time.
I go around the drum several times using just my fingers.

I then push in the center if the head with my finger and release.

I take out two drum keys and carefully feel the tension as I torque two opposing rods at once.
I go around several times with the keys.
When I am sure that all is even I then tune with a Drum Dial just to make sure. (I am always close, the Dial just confirms)
I then fine tune by ear.