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Welcome everyone Emotikon smile
I would like to introduce to you a new cajon named Fibo duo.
Cajon was made of ten-millimeter plywood, it has two pages designed to ply at them, both of them have the snare effect.
On the first page has been restored birch plywood with a thichness of 3 mm,charge of the effect snare are 4 independently adjustable guitar strings. Each string is tense by a separate key, thanks to that we can get the sound that interests to us with very quick and easy way. A hole in the side of the body allows us to quick correction of the sound. At the other page we have front which I made of gelcoated fiberglass. this board was laminated in a body and it is equipped with a snare brush with two kinds of springs. You can adjust a pressure of snare brush to board with the key in a quick and precise way, We can also completly disable it. Into the body are pasted pads. All was painted with semi-glass varnish.
The Product was made by hand.


more photos:

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