Fibes Drums


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In the early 1970's I used to have a set of Fibes drums. Does anyone know if they are still made? I am very sorry I ever sold them. Their sound was very unique.


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They've been defunct for many years. Still highly prized among certain people though. Especially the Buddy Rich fiberglass snare.

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The first set of drums I played , in the early 70s, was a friend's chrome Fibes kit. He still has them all these years later.

Tommy's drum shop reissued them for awhile , known as the Austin Fibes. I know a guy that plays a set and they are gorgeous, both visually and sonically. It probably helps that the guy is an exceptionally good drummer.

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They certaimly have a unique sound. Buddy Rch had his snare drum. Arthur Press of the Boston Smphony Orchestra had one he used in that hall.
Nick Mason had a big powerful kit with Pink Floyd.

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Not affiliated, but I think they are firing it up again in Oklahoma City. I saw it on a drummers group facebook.


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I don't know anything about where they are today.

But when I was a little guy, studying drums, my drum teacher had two kits - a nice white Rogers kit, and a Fibes kit. Both sounded awesome to me.


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Glad to see other members have an interest in Fibes Drums. I've had some experience with their Drums and Tommy Robertson, the owner of the Fibes name and who owns a Drum Shop in Austin, TX. I'll give you a run down of what I know. By the way, several other online forums have discussion on Fibes as well, and it is a frequent topic of the status of this long dormant drum company.

A little background. Fibes was sold to Martin Guitars, then to Jim Corder who renamed the company "Corder Drums", which is when I bought my kit new in 1991, which still sounds great today. Then the company was sold to Darwin, then to Tommy Robertson, who re-named it the classic "Fibes" name once again, who continued to make the drums until approx. 2005.

I contacted him through his drum shop in Austin, TX a decade or more ago, and he stated he is looking forward to re-starting the company in the near future. As I would later learn, other people who have contacted him, have been told the very same thing. There has been a lot of uncertainty of getting the factory up and running again, business dealings, and other back room issues that have supposedly kept him from not being abler to re-start Fibes.

I have since thrown in the towel, and moved on to buying a new kit, as I originally wanted to add more drums onto my Corders kit, but have been unable to do so. The company has been dormant for 15 years and Mr. Robertson has since established his Drum Shop in Austin, TX. Personally, I don't foresee the company re-emerging as a drum manufacturer.