Fiberskyn PS3 coloring


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I am getting new heads from my 20" Ludwig Signet kick. The batter will most likely be a PS3. I am intrigued by the PS3 Felt Tone Fiberskyn as a reso head:

Problem is, this is what it looks like on Remo's website:

I emailed the Sweetwater rep, and he said that what is on Sweetwater's site is the current offering and perhaps the pictures were taken differently so that's why the heads look different. Well, I like the gray, cloudy look of that head. Can anybody say for sure what this head looks like? Do I even have the right head?


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While I cannot comment on the look of the drum, I find the marketing confusing. I had always assumed that....

Fyberskyn referred to the outer coating.
Powerstroke referred to the dampening ring.
Felt tone referred to the felt strip.
Diplomat referred to the mylar thickness.

So it looks like this is a head with both a dampening ring "and" felt dampening strip? I would imagine that the reso head will produce little to no ambient sound, a brief and muffled note, and would greatly favor ported/mic'd/amplified applications.

Disclosure, I own both a felt-tone head and a fyberskyn head, and rarely use them over my generic Ambassador (I only use them when I need their specific sound).


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That does look odd. The sweetwater site shows the lighter tan-ish color in the top photo, and when you scroll to the bottom for more info, it has the grayish one on the front of the kick drum shown in the pic. .. ?..

I've never used one, but now that I'm thinkin about it, the ones I've seen aren't usually that dark-grey color, more tan, yet definitely darker "tan/ivory" than that top SW photo.

I'm curious as to how this ends up.



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In an effort to be helpful, here are images of my felt-tone and PS3 Fyberskin. I figure it might be helpful to see a FS on something other than a pure white background like they have in all the adverts.

You will notice.
Fyberskin looks like the surface of the moon at night.
The "PS3" has a ~3" control ring.
The Felt-Tone has a ~1" control ring, and the felt strip is attached to the ring.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but it should give you a baseline for comparison at the very least.


If this doesn't help, at least know that I battled through a number of spider webs in order to obtain these pics. At least you might find humor in the mental image of a mid-40's man prancing about getting spider webs out of his hair.
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Lol. Thanks for braving the spider webs. That does help.
To add fuel to the fire, here's a listing on Amazon:

It's like a combination of the two heads that you've shown; the Fiberskyn, the Powerstroke, and the Felt Tone, at almost $12 less than Sweetwater.


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I’m posting an update to this thread. I bought the Fiberskyn from Amazon. I would have rather bought from a music store like Sweetwater, but I didn’t feel like taking the chance after they said that the white head was the current offering.
That said, here is a P3 Fiberskyn Felt Tone Diplomat. Whew. That’s a mouthful.