Few new videos from Sera


I usually only practice, but 14.10 I recorded few new videos, with poor sounds, because good or better recording systems are obviously just a nice dream to me. Sound comes direct from camera, which cannot record dynamics correct. It's just same level of noise, no matter how hard or mildly I try to hit. This time I managed (after hard work) to add original sounds to background, so you could hear how it really sounds and how style goes with music.

I made 1.5 hours long MP3-file, with 10 second silence between songs and played it. Songs are not well practiced or something like that, because I usually play single songs only few times, when I try so fit my practices into different songs. I have played these songs maybe 10 times, few less, few more. And never try to think what kind of fills would sound best or even nice in certain songs.

I just go with the flow and try to make my best.

So, there are lot of mistakes, but life is...

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I really appriciate, if somebody could analyze this song.


I think I hear it like this:

E-Type - Angels Crying

0.15 Start

0.24 Time error in bass

0.28 Time error in hands

1.27 Time error in bass

1.51 Time error in bass

2.06 Time error

2.55 Error in roll

3.07 Bass goes 16th

3.12 Bass goes offsync

3.16 Time error in hands

3.36 Feet comes back to 8th notes

Feel free to shoot me down... :)

And one more question - do you hear triplets in this song:


It totally quite crap, and all I want to know that is there triplets around. One drummer said to me, that those are only 16th notes with pause, what I think triplets. Is it so?

I say thank you and hope that somebody help me with this issue.


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i'd say only one thing, very important! try to slow down, everything!!! everything you're playing, beacuse all you timing and other mistakes are reason of that your not practicing it slow, for example you have the groove you want to play, slow it down, veeery slow, and play it, of course with metronome, and play it for 5-10 minutes, just the groove!!!
if you repeat this after just few days, you'll feel more comfortable in higher tempos,
take care
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i'd say only one think, very important! try to slow down, everything!!!
I started practicing half an hour ago, and I really appreciate your advise. Maybe you don't even understand how much. It's been almous year, since somebody has given me a good advices. You know who you are, and I still buy that gasoline if you're interested to come visiting.

Added later.

Well, if my practice has been sometimes hard before, they surely don't get any lighter in the future. :)
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"You know who you are, and I still buy that gasoline if you're interested to come visiting."

?what gasoline? :)


whatever :) i dont think it was a hard criticism :)
Well, maybe this topic was a wrong place to write about history. And maybe I could not express myself correct, or left it only halfway. That gasoline thing comes from history, about one year ago. I get some really good advices from few people, and I said that I will buy gasoline for a car, if some certain people would like to come and visit. See my set, help me a little bit with my drumming, and so on.

But then there was something fuzz and action, and that visiting thing just dryed out in the beginning, and I left that place, where I got those good advices.

So, there is nothing negative in this gasoline matter. Nothing personal for anybody and maybe this was just a wrong topic to took this thing up. Sorry about bad feelings, if somebody those got. I try to write clearer text in the future.
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whatever :) i dont think it was a hard criticism :)
It wasn't. I just figured I'd ride the gasoline train a bit longer, with gas being such a sought after commodity these days.

Sera, Radeq is right (post #3) - his playing speaks for itself. As a beginner some key things for you are:
- Focus on accuracy rather than speed.
- If you're playing with the right technique, there should be no discomfort or pain anywhere (this includes the right grip on the sticks).
- Everything on your kit is easily accesible and that you have a good posture on the throne.


Sera, Radeq is right.
I know he is right, and I surely appreciate his advices, thought they make my practice much harder.

And thanks for you too. Yes, I have realized, that for me it's much better to focus on accuracy. I'm rather old, anyway, and there is always gonna be somebody faster for everybody, and then all what I have done to achieve what I have achieved, will be forgotten in week. Like I ever even be in close that point in speed, but you surely understand what I mean. And so fast diminsh worldly glory.

So I rather spent my dwindling time to try go so close perfection than I can go. Maybe it's not much of perfection, but what else I have. I will never play in any band (if somebody even asks), because this little world around of me is enough. And like said, I'm schizophrenic, and I have sometimes problems to communicate with people. Some days are better, some are worst.


Like I wrote earlier, I have a minor spinal cord damage, which prevents me to play all basspatterns I have in my mind. Mostly those that starts on upbeats. It's never quite sure what they are, until I found them. And then it's just like a knife in my spine. And, depends of speed and energy, amount of pain is unpredictable. But it's surely there.

My hand are fine. No blisters in years, no pain in wrists or fingers, or hands. I can play hours and hours without pain, if I don't push myself too hard. But when I practice, I usually do that, so there will be pain everytime I practice.

And then there is pain, if I drop a stick, or make a huge mistake. Then I beat the shit out of that limb which made mistake. Let's not talk about this subject. It's a way I practice, and I don't recommend it. It's painfull. So there is pain. But it's "normal" if that what I do can be called normal.

I think that some of those errors in time on that song could come, because I have different pedals for practice and playing. Usually I practice with Pearl P100-TW pedals with silencing pads and I play with Yamahas. No, I'm not poor, but my wife don't like when I buy middleaxles every half of year.

I decided yesterday to end this stupid behavior, and I ordered two basspads, so I can use those Yamahas without middleaxle. My wife was pleased, when she heard that I spend money to save money. :) And when those pads arrives, then I think I could improve timing, because practise feeling is much more same than actual playing feeling.

Now I have to practice. Thanks!


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I definitely understand your point, Sera. Ultimately, the goal for any drummer (or for any artist, for that matter) is to have fun with their playing without having to conciously watch what their limbs are doing. You don't have to be the most techinically proficient drummer in the world to do that. Everyone has a different set of standards as to what they want to sound like but no matter where you are on the ladder, you have to enjoy what you are doing. There is no good that will come from subjecting yourself to pain - no matter what you're playing, relax, start slow, and focus.