Festering Splinter


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Last night I grabbed my favorite sticks near the tip and realized it's time to get new sticks, because I ended up with a splinter, that wouldn't come out, I guess it's just going to fester. Who makes good hickory sticks? I liked the hickory because they had a nice bounce and feel for lighter sticks. I'm tempted just to use my timbale sticks, but there is that occasional arrangement that calls for lots of snare bounce.


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Hickory is the most common. Stick with one of the big names like promark or VF and you'll be fine.


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Need some good fine tip tweezers. Use to use them to hold electron microscopy grids so super fine and sharp. I remember my Mom would make a cream with Epson salts and it would draw splinters out. Spend lots of time in garden or dense brush in woods so splinters are a way of life-still have a junk of splinter in my buttocks from twenty years ago.