Female drummers?


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I think the oldest living drummer is a women Viola -her last name escapes me. I wonder where the myth originated there are few female drummers? It’s complete bull crap given reality and a history of known pro female drummers/percussionist. It’s the Y chromosome it cuts our brain in half so what do you expect- half wits. LOL


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There are many around and I'll bet none of them like being called "chicks", or "hot babes". Women, female drummers, female musicians, or just drummers will do just fine. If this lady drummer spent time in the Navy, Navy band or orchestra, jazz band she would have been very disciplined and probably not real flashy. Play the music pretty much as required.
Best female drummer I know is Hillery Jones ,who by the way was educated at the Navel school of music.
She's got chops up the wazoo.


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I came across this female drummer on YouTube. Ex-Navy drummer. Her playing is extremely clean & controlled. I attached a video to her channel. Check out her video on push/pull if you have the time

reminds me of my youth...having to learn and play songs on a 4 piece that were originally played on a much bigger kit. I did not get a bigger kit till I was 24. Cool to see how she handles the fills and interp!!


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I was perusing the new Paiste website and found Elise Trouw and she plays various instruments and sings. So I just picked one random video to watch and this is the first one that I watched. I really liked her hi-hat playing.



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The "Ex-Navy drummer" is Camellia Akhamie Kies. Akhamie Music, LLC | Camellia Akhamie Kies, CEO
She's right here in Florida. Enormously talented, with a very wide playing range. We are really fortunate to have her here!
In the video below, the drumming starts at 0:35