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In life, when there are discussions about something which does not directly affect me and I'm not one of any perceived minority involved in the subject matter I tend to just try and listen, rather than try and make my voice one of the loudest on the matter.

Nice to have a woman's opinion on the thread.

"Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue; to the end we should hear and see more than we speak"


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Tit tops sure make the recording sound better! If that's your move to be "unique", then sorry that's a fail in my book. Being noticed because your half naked playing the drums isn't the same as being respected because your a solid drummer. Falling back on sexuality to get noticed is lowest common denominator mentality.

Sex appeal has been used by men since the dawn of time, yet they're never the ones called out for it.

As a straight man, it's probably hard to be objective and tell if a guy is using their body to generate clicks. But it happens all the time, and you see it all the time....you just don't acknowledge it for what it is.

Hell, anybody whose followed my channel knows that I do shirtless drum videos. Mostly it's because its damn hot on those days I record, but I'm not going to lie, after I started weightlifting and working out, I do use it as an excuse to show off a bit. And why not? And the only comments I really get are some very minor teasing (things like "When are you doing your next shirtless video?" "How many shirtless videos have you done?".....you know, minor ribbing). But if I was a woman and did the same thing? I'd have judgemental comments like yours up and down.

Again, this is why representation matters, because we need to stop normalizing that "straight white male" perspective is the *right* perspective.


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Sex appeal has been used by men since the dawn of time, yet they're never the ones called out for it.

As a straight man, it's probably hard to be objective and tell if a guy is using their body to generate clicks. But it happens all the time, and you see it all the time....you just don't acknowledge it for what it is.

It would be quite a different ending in music history for Elvis, The Beatles or even Zeppelin without sex appeal (Bonzo was hitting alot more than just Vistalites). As for Ayeon, she isn't a terrible drummer and she plays some solid grooves....I'm more critical of the song choices and not playing an acoustic kit at 1M subs, that is pretty weird but doubt anyone actually cares, lol. As for the parents that parade their young girls as a source of income, I find that far more unsavory.

The 'selling out' aspect always comes up. I don't make a living in music so I only play what I want to but I don't think musicians have to take an oath of poverty for the art. I remember some were even critical when Vinnie joined Sting, I'm sure that was a great financial move and the guy deserved it. If anyone can make a living in music or drums, more power to you.


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Two piece is implied, why must you qualify it? It's a bikini, of course its 2 pieces.
My bikini is made by Ludwig...


...Bikini KIT that is. ;)


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...and to put us back on subject, I've found the BEST girl drummer in the world!

...if only I could pronounce her name... :ROFLMAO:

Reg Dewitt

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There are lots of great female drummers out there (and a lot more than there used to be). But let me just mention three. One is Kanade Sato, who was the person who a few years ago first got me seriously interested in listening to drumming. Then there is Yoyoka Soma, who was recently added to the Drummerworld best 500. And finally in the toddler category, LJ Wilson's little sister Shia Wilson.

Reg Dewitt

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On the big debate here, let me just add that female drummers used to be rare because girls were taught drumming was not appropriate for their sex. Fortunately that has changed a lot in the last decade or two, and now female drummers are a lot more common.


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On the big debate here, let me just add that female drummers used to be rare because girls were taught drumming was not appropriate for their sex. Fortunately that has changed a lot in the last decade or two, and now female drummers are a lot more common.

yeah..i definitely grew up in the days where "boys played drums and girls played flute" or boys played drums, girls played bells...

as soon as I was "in charge" at my school, I quickly ended that mindset...there have been many years where we had more girls than guys in drumline at my school


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I don’t see “female” and “male” drummers. I just see “drummers”. This attitude of people being cool just because they’re a certain sex or a certain “whatever” has got to go as far as I’m concerned. It’s all about playing the music, and if they can do it, then I don’t care what they are. If they can’t play the music, I’m not around long enough to figure out what they are.
Agree 100% However one must admit that female drummers have it easier for the simple fact that they are female. Example A-yeon an ok female Korean drummer with millions of views vs Baard Colstad a very accomplished male drummer with very few views (in comparison). A-yeon is getting better but even when she started she had millions of views and endorsements even as new as she was. (new to drumming)


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Karen Carpenter
- my dad had me playing along to early Carpenters stuff as a real young [4-5 years old] kid; she was always smiling

Sandy West - The Runaways
- one of my first "wow, this stuff is mean and angsty" exposures to punky stuff; friends older brother would play them while skateboarding/riding BMX bikes in the late 70's

Cindy Blackmon
- she kicked my ass with Lenny Kravitz back in the 90's; mean, mean, sick, phat beats

Evelyn Glennie
- saw her in clinic at PASIC a few times, and came across her via her marimba playing;

Amy Farina - The Evens
- I LOVE her simple, rootsy, loose interp; got to meet her after The Evens played an art gallery here in town, and she was sooo fun to talk to: I asked her bout her drumming, and she lit up:" wow. Thank you. No one ever asks me about my drumming..." was her reply. Then we talked for a good hour or so

Pitchu Ferraz - Nervosa
- she played so ferocious and fast in what I think is one of the best thrash bands to come out of t he past 15 years; eyes closed, I though it was a young Dave Lombardo

Annika Nilles
- first exposure to her was her video for the Phil Fill song "Electrify Me"...so solid; i was in love with her bass foot technique

I think I have only been subject to "tank top and toms" [or tits and toms as my friends call them] drum videos once or twice, and as soon as it came on, I was like "oh jeez...this crap" and was out...
I don't dismiss a female drummer because she dresses provocatively (or to be non sexist) she shows more skin. I will dismiss her because she can't play.. I watch drumming videos if the player happens to be a female she will keep my attention if the playing is good if not, I will watch it for her looks but I won't go back for more because I know talent isn't there.. I seen the drummer from Nervosa, she reminds me of when I first started playing I used to play these super fast beats, I listen to recordings now and I can barely keep up the speed. of course the playing has improved a lot.


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I like these two.

Who knew super-hot girls can actually play drums this good?? | StarCentralHottest Female Drummer? - Page 4


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just thinking out loud here...

differentiation is instinct...ignoring it is counterproductive to our survival. We are "tribal" by instinct...we can not really exist without that drive. It would be like ignoring our drive to eat, or our drive to love.

Stereotyping is not instinct. Let's not continue to get the 2 things mixed up...as most have done in the past 40 years or so, and as has become the norm over the pst 4 for sure. People are quick to jump on the "reactionary, uninformed PC bandwagon" recently, and I feel like that is dangerous in way.

Saying that a drummer is female is not, and should not be considered as being offensive. The act of separating female from male drummers is not offensive in it's pure action. It is just observations of and in reality.

Separating female drummers from male, and then adding the layer of "because _____________" is where it starts to cross into offensive...possibly...

I think that this whole movement to deny the reality of our instincts is absurd...it is not going to happen. You can't "wish", or "protest" or "activism" away a survival instinct. However, we can, and should erase the layer of misinterpreting and negatively exploiting those instinctive actions, which is where stereotyping - and a whole other litany of evil things that we do to each other - comes in to play.

I have showed this thread to 5 of my female counterparts and asked if they were offended:
my wife, 55, who is pretty old-school/neutral/apathetic in her views on this stuff <-- initial comment: "why do people try to seek out conflict in every damned thing?"

my mom, 76, who is even more old school/apathetic <---initial comment: "people all need to get a job...."

my sister, 48, who would be considered an "SJW" by most <--- initial comment: "the intent does not seem to be trying to be offensive, but just be careful about 'underlying interpretations' " Her reaction was actually much longer, and that conversation is what sparked this post...

my step-daughter, 22, who is "moderate" in her views on many of the current social issues, like "half SJW" <--- initial comment "if the drummers were not offended by being on this list, then why should I be?"

and one of my students, 17, who is very "Catholic" as she calls herself <--- initial comment: "how can I play like Anika?"

many different views on this subject, but ALL of their initial reactions were that people were "overreacting" to the separation of male and female drummers in this post....even my SJW sister said that it did not come off as being offensive to do this in this light

If the post title had been 'Lets Single Out Great Female Drummers Because There Are Not Many", it would have been different...

so anywho...I just think we need to be careful not to let censorship - or fear of speaking our thoughts - alter possible opportunities for legit discussion and enlightenment of each other on topics...

sorry for the babble...

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As a male drummer I love the fact that more females are becoming drummers and showing great talent. I do not like when a good looking female gets ahead based on looks and not talent. (and I am speaking just on drumming....., as much as I hate people like the Kardashians, I can't fault them for pushing the easy button on life, anyone would do the same if they could). Also not saying that it is easier to be a drummer if you are a female, but take for example Meytal Cohen, she managed to have enough followers to finance not one but two records just by playing drum covers. if it was a male, there is a way smaller chance of that happening as he would not have gotten as popular by just playing covers regardless of how good he was. Now if any female gets offended by this then she is just ignoring facts. (Facts not just an opinion). another example of two drummers that have different talent levels read she is pretty but not as good as drummer (she is getting better though) vs him being a very good drummer just a male... the female A-yeon the male Wilfred Ho both in youtube she has way more views and way less talent... I still like her.


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That nerve being the assumption that women can't be logical. My wife has fought that her entire professional career, as has my sister. It's nonsense and when it's stated it raises the ire of every strong and independent woman I know because it's simply not true.
Can't count the number of crybaby guys that I've worked with that couldn't follow a line of logic if you gave them a map and highlighted the route, but boy do they act out like emotional children when you challenge them.
Being in the military unfortunately I have more often than not have to deal with people who are intellectually very inferior but just happen to have been in longer therefore have rank over me... it is very frustrating to try to use logic with people who are used to getting their way....


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It is a minefield. But you know what? It has to be talked about, so some mental legs may get blown off. I know that my wife's approach to life is literally and perfectly 180 degrees opposed to how I look at life. Which is great, I'm glad it's that way.

Drives me nuts sometimes but it turns out that males desperately need the female perspective. IMO, females don't need the male perspective as much as males need the female perspective, because females are generally constructive where males are generally destructive by comparison. But females benefit from the male perspective just like vice versa. We are bookends, and we look at things from different perspectives. It's supposed to be that way. I don't know why that upsets people. It's just the way it is, why fight it?
No males are generally constructive, for example they might have an argument, that may escalate into a fist fight.. soon after they will be best friends. Females have a disagreement over anything, they will NEVER let it go. I do agree that we need each other's perspective but just to help the others understand your point of view not to prove you are right...