Feel/Rebound Single vs. Two Ply Kick Batter


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I have not played a single ply kick batter in years. I would appreciate feedback regarding feel and rebound in regard to playing a double pedal. Is it generally easier to play fast double pedal with a single or two ply head? I know tuning is a big factor. My guess is that a two ply head makes it easier.


This is only a guess, so....

It takes way, way more tension to tune a thick, heavy guitar string to the same pitch as a lighter one. Up the mass, up the tension to get the same result.

Drum heads aren't really the same thing as guitar strings, but you are still stretching them/applying tension, so I would hazard a guess that the same principle would apply- the 2-ply head would require more tension to achieve the same note, so it might give you more rebound(?)


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Two ply heads aren't solid, though, they're two objects bonded together. This will contribute towards a more mushy feel.

However, the tuning can't be disregarded – a higher tuned head will almost always have more rebound. Also, on bass drums, we must consider whether the reso is ported & how big the port is.

I think you would likely get more rebound from the single-ply head, and thus it might be easier to play quickly on it.


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I use a ported reso head. I currently play a clear Emad2 with a Falam patch. I tune tighter than JAW for feel and rebound and get a great low tone. I am considering trying a coated Emad or the Emad heavy weight.