feedback on my drumming


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you have a pretty fluid sound to the beat you have going on there but you seem to try to rush a little bit
but it's still very good


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Great grooving -- dynamic, fat and tight. There seemed to be a tiny mishap at 1:28, when the bass drum rushes just enough to disjoint the feel for a second. Another one happened at 2:25, but this time it goes on the draggin' side. These are of course minor quibbles, and I'm sure you're aware of these as well. You could try going for a more laid back feel for this track. The harmony and melody move at a relaxed pace, and your forward moving groove seems to contradict them somewhat. You could also make more dynamic variations within the song form. You kept a steady dynamic throughout the song, which might get boring after a while.

I would have liked to hear a bigger variety of fills, rhythms and orchestrations. If I'm not mistaken, 90% of the fills went RLRLRL with the last R on the rack tom. Explore the possibilities of the sticking, and don't be shy to break away from the groove with different rhythms, stickings and orchestrations.

king fail

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not bad man!
how long have you been playing?

if it was me, I would loosen the snares slightly, but that's just my preference.
nice work :)


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thanks guys, i've been playing for a little past 3 years. i do have trouble with creating different fills other than RLRLRL. any advice because i always feel like my fills need to be short and compact, and what comes out 90% of the time is RLRLRL