Feedback on Alesis DM5 Pro electronic drum sets?


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I am the drummer in a church worship band playing contemporary Christian music. Our pastor has asked me to recommend a new but economical electronic set for me to play in the $500 to $900 price range and the church will buy it. A music store manager recommended to me Alesis DM5 Pro. (No demo in the store at the moment.) Does anyone have feedback to offer on this from experience? After years of playing a real kit, I've been playing for this church their instruments: a djembe, misc. percussion, and a Yamaha electronic drum pad set which is sampled and doesn't sound bad but I hate the small targets on fast songs, especially since I also sing some harmonies while drumming. I also don't like the abnormal response of the hi-hat compared to real cymbals, and the difficulty of a roll on the electronic snare compared to a real snare.



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Tell your pastor to get an acoustic kit, dammit. Just kidding, but... not really. Get an acoustic kit, every other church has one.

Now, if you have to get an electronic kit on THAT budget, you're very limited.All options are going to have 8-10" pads which to me also are annoying. I'd tell your pastor to seriously consider an acoustic and if necessary (if your church is big and uses a PA system) slap some acoustic triggers on the kit and use the dm5 module.