Favourite Drummer, Bass player Combo


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Steve Priest And Mick Tucker

Definately with you on this one. Their work on the Desolation Boulevard album together is particularly awesome with Mick's drum solo on The Man With the Golden Arm and Steve's thumping bass line on Turn It Down and brilliant bass solo on My Generation.


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Ron Carter and Elvin Jones. Ron pushing it whilst Elvin hangs back behind - absolutely beautiful.


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Hey, can anyone enlighten me on why the relationship between the bassist and drummer is important? If not, can they direct me to a thread which already has a discussion?




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Tony, the bass player is a drummer with strings! K

Jeff Gordon #24

Just in case it's not a problem if I list more than one d & b combo, inpo:

Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney
Keith Moon & John Entwistle
John Bonham & John Paul Jones
Neil Peart & Geddy Lee
Clive Burr & Steve Harris
Les Binks & Ian Hill
Carl Palmer & Greg Lake
Phil Ehart & Dave Hope
Mike Portnoy & John Myung
Lee Kerslake & Bob Daisley
Nick Mason & Roger Waters
Bill Ward & Terry "Geezer" Butler
Scott "Flip" Phillips & Brian Marshall
Cliff Davies & Rob Grange
Stewart Copeland & Gordon Matthew Sumner (Sting)
Gavin Harrison & Colin Edwin
Anton Fig & Will Lee
Shannon Larkin & Robbie Merrill
Brad Arnold & Todd Harrell
Barry Kerch & Brad Stewart
Tommy Aldridge & Rudy Sarzo (Thanks bonzolead!)

That'll suffice...for now.
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damn it this is hard i wanna say chad and flea but then again muse are just plain epic so i wanna say dom and chris. qraconteurs are my fav band and keeler is a beast but lawrence just isnt overly impressive. of corse the who would be up there but in the end primus takes it claypools bass is just out of this world he could play with meg white and they would be the best


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Les Claypool + Brain
Paul Mazurkiewicz + Alex Webster
Marco Pitruzella + Jeff Hughell

Those are the big 'uns.


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I really like seeing John Blackwell and Baron Browne play together. Great connection.


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Favorite Drummer- Danny Carey
Favorite Bass Player- Geedy Lee/Justin Chancellor

IAN - W -

Charlie Watts & Bill Wyman.
Phil Rudd & Cliff Williams.
Ivan de Prume & Sean Yseault.
John Tempesta & Sean Yseault.
John Bonham & John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin

Bill Ward & Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath

Neil Peart & Geddy Lee of Rush

Matthew McDonough & Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne

Chad Smith & Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers