Favourite Drummer, Bass player Combo


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The first that come to mind...

Avishai Cohen with Jeff Ballard
Greg Cohen with Joey Baron
Ray Brown with Ed Thigpen
Currently - Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme

Back in the 80's - Roger Tayolor and John Taylor
Seriously, Duran Duran's rhythm section was great


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A relatively unheard of combo, but with Amazing syncopation, Ken mary on drums and Brian Bromberg on bass. Especially on the c.d.s' 'Big Bang" by Magdallan. and "Electric Warrior/Acoustic Saint" by Lanny Cordola.

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How 'bout...

Chad Smith and Flea? ;-)
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I'm surprised.

My initial vote would be for Billy Sheenan and Gregg Bissonnette from the DLR days. Both powerhouse musicians with the most undoubted connectivity through and through.


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Me and the bass player in both of the bands i'm in. He is only 16, but he has a plethora of equipment. 3 cabs, 2 heads (one of which is an orange) and over $1000 in pedals. Usually when we play live, his cab is right behind me.


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How about Chris Squire and Bill Bruford

I think they were really good together, but Squire probably goes with Alan White more. Even though Bruford was on Squire's solo album I read they didn't get along well together and I think that was one of the reasons Bruford left Yes (don't quote me on that). And after that every Yes album since has featured White and Squire. I also remember reading somewhere but cant remember who said it, but I think it was Squire, that he clicked much better with White than Bruford. It's killing me, I can't remember who said it or where I read it.

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Gotta list...

Billy Cobham and Rick Laird.

They were on the first 4 Mahavishnu Orchestra albums (1971 - 1973)


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Good free jazz / improv namechecks here - Palle Nilsson-Love / Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and Hamid Drake / William Parker are my particular favourites of the current bunch.

I'll add Michael Wertmüller and Marino Pliakas. Saw them backing up Peter Brötzmann (brain-melting) and KK Null (nuclear).


+ also: John and Rob Wright from Nomeansno - who I'm going to see in a couple of weeks. Oh yeah.