Favorite Versions Of Songs

I am posting a thread to see what peoples favorite versions of songs are.

For me, I will use the signature song for my favorite band. Most of you probaly know it.

Here is a live version with a video intro that i like.


Here is another one that was filmed for a performance they did that was realesed shortly before or after the song was realesed.


While both of those versions are great, My favorite version, however is this one:



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I always liked Manfred Mann's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I Came For You"
...and I always liked Manfred Mann's cover of Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light". Not like The Boss is hurting for cash, but I'd bet he saw some pretty good mailbox money from that one.


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Probably my favorite song of all time is Jumpin' Jack Flash by Johnny Winter And live from around 1972(1969?). Much better (IMHO) than the Stones version.
The other that I can think of is Superstitious by Beck, Bogart and Appicie. I never liked the Stevie Wonder version at all.
Yea, I'm old.


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Two "covers of covers" that my band does that I LOVE are:

Social Distortion's version of Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash originally.)

HIM's version of Wicked Game (Chris Isaak originally.)


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One of my favorite songs of all time is a song called "Pressure Drop" - Originally recorded by the Maytals in 1969. My favorite version of this song was when the Specials covered it in 1996. I would link it, but all Specials versions have been removed from Youtube by the copyright owners. I hate when they do that. I have to pay just to LISTEN to a song every once and a while??