Favorite Songs?


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A bit in line with my previous thread, but would love to hear your guys' favorite songs of all time and at the moment. Want to update my spotify list!


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Too easy. Favorite album and favorite song.

Desert Skies from the Marshall Tucker Band's Carolina Dreams album.



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Michael Jackson was my favorite artist. I like all of his songs. But the most favorite song is "Michael Jackson- Dangerous". I also love the scores of many PC games. Too bad that online games like Nettikasinot and Casinobonuksia haven't really put any effort into their music selection and quality.
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My favorite song as a kid...

Then there is this one. I think it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and became one of my favorites from the Moodies...


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Even after listening to music from all over the spectrum, it’s always this obscure number. Still gives me chills 45 years after first hearing it.

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..This. A bit casual, maybe, but they create rhythmical stuff with their own special mood..

Not many people on this forum seem to appreciate some of nowadays pop music a lot, but i agree..

And besides that, if Nile Rodgers approves, then who are we to disagree..:)

Cool track that is and a lot of their other material too btw..