Favorite piece of gear that's not a drum or cymbal.


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Do you have a favorite something in your official list of gear that isn't a drum or cymbal? A microphone maybe? Tactile monitoring system? Sadly, I have nothing to contribute, just curious as to what you guys have that you really like.

The one thing that's made the most difference is the TNR Products Little Booty Shakers on a tom mounted on a stand. I was absolutely floored at the difference in tone and sustain these little guys made.

They are inexpensive - easy to install - road worth and totally one of those set and forget kind of things that doesn't need any attention after you install it.

Bigger sound - better tone - more sustain...I was floored.

Other fun things are:

Drumgees - cool little bungee cords that attach to the rims of a drum so you can hold down something like a splash on a snare for an electronic effect or a shekere on a bass drum or whatever.
Cympads - another inexpensive little upgrade that makes a sonic difference
Snare Weight M1 or M80 - nice little leather snare dampener that looks cool and has magnets to flip off and on the drum (and makes a good dog chew toy when you drop one)
Cherry Hill Drums - Micro Clutch - awesome little brass micro clutch for hats...beautiful and easy to use. They make full size ones too with beautiful wood inserts too.
Gauger Percussion - Flex Tips for floor tom leg isolators- neat little spring floor tom feet.

I have three of these coming in too so I don't have a personal review yet - but I have a couple friends that use these and they love them:

Cymbal Resonance System - kind of like suspension mounting for your cymbals.


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Beato Pro 1 drum bags
Sonor Perfect Balance pedal
Roc N Soc nitro throne
Rockn Roller Cart
Shure SE-215 in ears
Roland TM-1 and triggers

These are my favourite drum/cymbal related items .
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Promark Active Grip 5A rebound sticks. For years I used stick tape on 7A sticks for the light weight, better cymbal sounds, but with a fatter grip for my hands. Now it’s all in one stick model, that lets me keep my grip extra loose.

My Tama Roadpro HS800W snare stand. Its Omni-ball tilt and its swivel basket make it the best snare stand I’ve ever used.

Tama HH905RH remote cable hi hat rig. It has helped transform my approach to the kit, and caused me to think much more about why I’m playing what I’m playing.

Jeff Almeyda

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JH Audio Roxanne In ear Monitors.
Being able to hear everything without having to hit too hard changed my life


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Meinl 5a Hybrid Sticks and my Meinl 22" Cymbal Backpack.
I literally get far more compliments about the backpack than I ever had about my drumming, quite concerning to be honest.
The sticks make me not want to play any other sticks, but the miser in me wants to play my old ones til they are unplayable to get my money's worth :)


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Without a doubt my Vic Firth audio in isolation headphones.

The sound quality is fantastic, they are very comfortable and they are my single best investment I've ever made.
For marching in the pipe band it was the padded over the shoulders harness . So much more comfortable and convenient than a sling strap, although I do prefer the look of a sling to a big metal ( although light aluminum) harness . But damn that harness made it feel like there was no drum or weight being carried . No longer March because of back issues , but that harness made me able to not quit before I actually had to .


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Protection Racket rolling hardware bag.

I'm always amazed at how much I can pack in it, and thankful for those wheels!


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Yep have the same one ,but i put too much in it then have to lift it or go upstairs UH !

Yeah, I'm the same. Then I remember life before the PR rolling bag.

Wrestling a canvas hockey bag full of hardware. Fighting with the extra weight, and rigidity of an SKB hardcase.

I don't miss either :D


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its a toss up between:

my lewitt mics
my ahead armor cases
my ahead spinal glide throne
my pearl elimintor pedal
my mapex janus pedal
my pellwood sticks


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Since I normally run audio for my bands as well, I have to say my Yamaha TF digital mixer. It’s made life so much easier when you’re scrambling to set up to make some noise. I can’t recommend it enough to others looking to upgrade their PA needs.