Favorite metal drummer?


Matt Garstka- the new drummer for the insane tech-prog group, "Animals as Leaders". This guy is really great at playing forcefully, yet relaxed. Nice approach, nice feel. Check it:

(skip the first 30 seconds or so): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6xHEO-bfSI&feature=youtu.be
Not a fan of that "Cymbal" sound, they sound more like trash cans....kinda like how I feel about most Giant Beats I've heard.
He's got some skills though that's for sure.
All of my absolute favorite drummers to have played in the metal genre didn't limit themselves to it so anyway they're Donati, Agren, Lang, Coluita, Carey, Reinert, Jarzombek and Seth Davis who played with Exhorder. I could probably list about a dozen others I hold in a special regard / as above anyone else I'm aware of but those are the names that immediately come to mind.