Favorite Memory Locks - Floor Tom Legs


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I need to get some memory locks for my Ludwig Breakbeats floor tom legs.
I'm leaning toward DW as that's what I have on my Yamaha MCAN Floor tom legs (converted from hanging).

Any favs? Or on the other end - bad experiences?


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For marking positions on chrome parts, this is the stuff. Lasts longer than sharpie, not as crap as tape, and wipes right off with acetone.

Now, if you need the memory locks for stability reasons, this won't do. I don't have any issue on my break beats kit, and as for floor tom legs, they're maxed out (I'm tall and sit high). If I felt compelled to put something on them, I'd just get some Gibraltar or whatever else I could get for cheap unless a Ludwig is going to look more aesthetically pleasing.


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Gibraltar makes hinged memory locks which is the way to go IMO. Much easier to deal with when making adjustments and taking them off/on. I hate non-hinged locks 'cause they often get stuck and you have to pry them open which isn't easy and is a huge PITA.

The notch should fit into those round brackets the Breakbeats have but not 100% sure.


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Get the Gibraltar hinged ones as mentioned above. Should work perfectly for your situation.


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I use very small hose clamps on my floor tom legs. Unobtrusive and much cheaper than memory clamps.

Not as cheap as a Sharpie though, which I use for my cymbal stands.

Matt Bo Eder

I have legs that came with memory locks, but before that, I never had legs that needed them. I'm still not sure I need them. The brackets on my Pearl's don't seem to move at all so I may never use the memory locks. But I do have them, just debating if I actually need them.