Favorite Hi Hats?


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13" K/Z, been playing them since 1993ish. Metal, rock, pop, jazz, industrial, they are the best all-around hats. They don't do everything well enough, they do everything fantabulous!


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If you shall have one hi-hat, i agree, it it the New Beat. It can be used for everything.
Pter Erskine uses it for jazz and it is perfect for rock too.

Ihave had a lot of hi-hats including a 13 K/Z but I sold it it is not very natural sounding with a very heavy bottom.

I have kept some hi-hats that i love:
I have an old open ink New Beat that I use in many different situations.
I also use Bosphorus New Orleans and it has become my favorite.
Zildjian K made in Canada at the sabian factory
Istanbul presplit Mel Lewis

My first quality hi-hat i owned was a 14 quick beat, and I regret selling it, it was very nice and crisp.