Favorite Go to Bass drum head? EMAD/GMAD for me!

I've been a big fan of the Evans EMAD, and the Aquarian SuperKick II.

The Remo Powerstroke 3 works well on some kick drums, (like my Yamaha Tour Custom) but on other kicks it doesn't have as much low end, which is why I like the EMAD and SuperKick.

I just checked the price of kick drum heads. The average is $55 now. Yikes!

I don't know if I have a favorite at the moment, it used to be EMAD but I like to try out different ones. At the moment we use Heavywheigts on the practice kit, works for that punchy, aggressive attack. I also have some new Remo PS3 heads at home come next change, yet my newly ordered kit comes with Evans EQ4, which I plan to use (up) first when they arrive. I prefer that low end, punchy sound though, but all these heads usually works for me.
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I really dislike the sound and feel of EMAD style heads, they just sound very flat and don’t encourage dynamic bass drum playing. I appreciate I am in the minority, but this style of head really only performs well when hit pretty hard.
I do use muffled heads, my go to set up being coated PS3 tuned up medium and paired with Ambassador and a evans eq pad lightly touching both. This combo is very dynamic and fun to play.
I tried the SKII once on my 22 x 14 bd and it was too muffled. I switched to my go-to PS3 clear and immediately heard the difference, greater resonance, deep tones but a lot fuller. On my 20 x 14 I have the PS3 clear batter as well.
I had the same experience with the EMAD on an 18 x 14 bass drum, and it sounded too stifling. I switched to a clear PS3 and the fullness increased.
So I have no desire to change from this drum head for the batter. On the rezo's, I've used PS3 ported for the last 11 years and stuck with that as well.

But since my experience has only been with 12-14" deep bd's, I wouldn't be surprised if a SKII or Emad sounded fuller on a deeper 16-18" deep drum compared to the smaller depth drums I own.
For a bass drum heads comparision- the best YT video I've seen is this one, where 73 heads are compared ( strangely, they omitted the clear PS3 but have other variations). I still prefer the PS3's compared to the rest after watching this many times.
aquarian all the way for me!

depending on what sound i want, i go for the SK1,2,3, reflector or SK10 :)
for me, I usually go for a super kick or emad. i've had great success with them.
PS-3's (and Aquarian Force I heads) have been mainstays for years and years - though I've found myself returning to straight old Coated Ambassadors more and more.

And of course, for everyone to each his own... personally I've never had a pleasant experience with E-MAD's or Superkicks.... back when I was still doing Bacharach, they would occasionally show up on backline kits (despite the rider specifically stating for them not to). Drove our sound guy crazy - they are just so carved out in the middle.... sort of leaving little frequencies above the low end left to tailor the drums sound... it's definition.... it's character. I get that tons of folks dig 'em and make them work - but man, not me.
Not a fan of EMAD Bass drum heads of any type. Too dead and only of use if mic'd up.
I use Coated Powerstroke / Evans EQ4 mostly though I do have a Clear EQ4 on my 18" Nesting kit.

Coated heads, to me, seem to eliminate some of the unwanted overtones at lower tensions.
Evans EQ4. I’ll soon give a try to the Code Blast.
I tried the Aquarian Full force and it was a great drumhead.
I tried Superkick and emad,… they were really too dampened for me. Too « studio like. »
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I used EMADs from the time they came out until pretty recently. I've kinda moved on to the Evans UVEQ4. I find it to be a really versatile head with just the right amount of muffling. Sounds great tuned up on an 18" bass drum when you use bop tunings, also.

I'm always happy when I see a coated EMAD on a bass drum, though.
I don't think I can hear a difference between a coated and uncoated bass drum head.

I always thought the same thing....but sometimes I feel like coated is a bit more dry/"papery" than non....
I don't think I can hear a difference between a coated and uncoated bass drum head.

I think everything depends on the music you're playing and how you're tuning. If you're doing the usual Bob Gatzen thing, not much difference. Tuning a little higher and using a felt beater? I think the difference can be significant.
I’ve changed every batter and reso head on my RN2 kit, with the exception of the factory clear PS3 batter on the kick. I just think it works great, both punch and feel. I have changed the kick reso to a clear ebony ambassador and that just finished the sound off for me. Love that combo on this 22x14 kick
I used to be a Superkick guy but recently switched to Remo PS3. Way better tone. With Aquarian, it was all punch and thud. I get that with the Remo too but there is a bit of resonance that makes it more musical.

I'm speaking specifically about 20" kick drums. Maybe not so much an issue with 22" and up? IME, I think Aquarians are just a bit too muffled for a smaller drum. I had similar issues with a 10" rack tom on an old kit...the Aquarians I tried were just too dead.
Modern set (err 2003 Gretsch) coated PS3 reso: coated Amb
Vintage (err Rb..) Fiberskyn PS3 reso: clear Pinstripe!