favorite foot clave setup?

drum hostage

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is a wood beater (which would be my initial know nothing assumed default) be too much...I was wondering maybe a wood beater would get an accidental buzz roll kind of thing?

Oh, dumb Q do you bury the beater or come off it?

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DW5k pedal (that matches the hi-hat & double pedals) with the jam block & wooden beater. Works great & looks the part too. ;)


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Does anyone make one that attaches to a hihat stand? I played around with using a mount off the leg, which worked pretty well, but not a dedicated solution. What makes me want that, is the space issue, as well as the moving issue, the hihat stand doesn't walk away. It would be nice if the pedal were right next to the hihat stand.

drum hostage

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DW has a 5000-series HH stand with one built in.
it's wayyy beyond what I need, but there's a 5000 series with a double pedal attached
and I'm just confused on the how it works (or maybe the why :D )

I mean what pedal is doing what?
and is there some kind of switching mechanism or what (to switch between a clave and the seoncd bass beater, or can the right foot work the left hand stuff)???
I'm not seeing any extra mechanisms

kinda reminds me what 'trap kit is short for!


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I saw something similar to this on an Akira Jimbo DVD (he had all Yamaha hardware of course):
You'll need a Tama MC66 clamp and an L-rod, along with a pedal featuring a bottom plate, otherwise it will not work.


Regal tip made a beater that was like the butt end of a 2B drumstick with a metal rod for mounting in the pedal. It had a rubber strip on part of it for two different sounds. I bet a Dragonfly Percussion leather beater would work well.