Favorite drum or cymbal of your kit!


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It would either be my homemade 4 x 14 Picollo snare, or my PDP 6.5 x 14 Brass snare, or my 7 x 14 Steambent Maple snare.


Drum- Pork Pie 12x5 Little Squealer Snare
Cymbal- AA 21" Raw-Bell Dry Ride


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Boy tough choice since I have no one favorite. I will say that the Epoch ride since it's held center court for a long time now on live gigs and for studio recordings is up there in the #1 spot running. Best new handmade pie made of Turkish B20 bronze or cymbal period to hit the market in 08 IMO. Completely unique and nothing else like it out there to my ear being a superb sounding ride for the wide range of situations i've used it in. Thanks Lenny and Agop!



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Must not forget the drums:}

This entire Peace Kahuna Bee-Bopp all 9 ply AA flame bubinga wood kit just keeps sounding better and better over time and will satisfy me till the end of my playing days indeed:


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My Brady 6.5x14 jarrah snare........I LOVE IT!!!!!!

My 20" Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride. I wanted a ride that would be an all purpose that did not sound generic. This is the one (For my tastes anyway).