Favorite Cymbal Series


Based off what I've played; Zildjian K Custom. What I've heard; Paiste Signature & Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand series.


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Definitely Meinl Byzance. Which subline? Well, that's a damn tough nut. Probably the Darks for the sole reason that they have my favorite cymbals, the Dark Spectrum hats.

I adore HHX Evolutions as well.


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The majority of my favorite cymbals have been from the Zildjian A line. There's something magical about the HHX Evolutions, though...I've never played one I didn't like.


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I guess I'm a K Custom guy.

I have 2 K Custom rides (KC Dark Ride and KC Medium Ride) as well as K Custom Dark Hats. Hands down my favorite pair of hats that I own.


Would have to be Meinl's Byzance. I don't think I could pick a sub-line though.. Though the Vintage, Extra Dry, Jazz, Traditional, Dark and Brilliant all stand out to me. Wait a minute..!

Beam Me Up Scotty

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Can't say I have a single favourite line: I've got a mix of Ks, HHs, HHXs, Artisans, Byzance, etc. Anything dark that doesn't sound trashy usually gets my vote.


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For crashes, UFIP Class and Paiste Signatures.
For rides, no favorite series.
Splashes, UFIP Class.
Chinas, no favorites. I like any and all of them.