Favorite bass player? Only one allowed


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Les Claypool. Like playing with a bass player, rhythm guitarist and a second drummer all at the same time.


Rex Brown-Pantera

Anybody who can/could keep up with Dimebag is one helluva bass player in my book. Next time you listen to Pantera pay more attention to the bass instead of guitars or drums. You'll see it too.


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Damn it hard too pick just one bass player I can't. the ones that have been mentioned like JPJ & John Entwistle & Les Claypool are obvious choices but Geezer, Billy Cox, Mel from Grand Funk Railroad,Paul McCartney,Chris Squire,Tommy Shannon,Phil Lynott & Steve Harris need mentioning also.

Sorry but with so many great bass players out there I can't. pick just one.

The bass player I jam with now is one of the best i've ever jammed with a true natural talent.

Too have a great bass player too jam with makes a drummers job a lot easier heck we make good guitar players sound better we just don't. tell them that LOL



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Another one for JPJ. With that kind of rhythm section, it's no wonder Zeppelin is the definitive hard rock band.