favorite accessories?


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I must have missed this - when did you get your (Gorgeous) Ludwig kit?
I got it last August. I've gigged with it a ton. I bought it from a friend of mine.

What did you buy for small toms for this kit?
It came with a matching 14" floor tom and a non-matching 12" rack tom. I ordered an "almost matching" rack tom straight from Ludwig.

(Something about playing with my back to a window looking out onto a street just really bothers me. I guess my fears must be based around all those horror movies I used to watch. The good guys always get it from behind.
Even though I watched a ton of horror movies as a kid, I never really thought of dangers of playing in the window. :) I usually end up being the doggie in the window quite a bit.


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It's gotta be the LP jingles attachment:

It has a magnet on the underside, you attach it to a hoop (typically the snare's) and it adds a sound pretty close to a tambourine hit, well balanced to the sound of the drum in my opinion.
Attached to a snare drum the sound is snappy, and attached to a low tom the sound decays much slower and gives you a more "ambient", filling sound that can be useful if you're keeping an ostinato on that tom.
Definitely worth the €15!


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I love my Remo quick lock hi hat clutch.



And DW Quick Release wing nuts.


Together these save me a few minutes in setup and tear down time.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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My snare rattly thing of choice is a sweet chestnut seed pod shaker that I use a lot on my 12" aux snare.


I use shakers a lot, but I couldn't tell you which one of them is my favourite. If I bring them I bring a whole suitcase as you never know what will work for the situation. Once decided, I probalby bring only what I need for the gig. The LP dual shakers , or whatever they're called, see a lot of use, though.
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Out of interest, has anybody tried the Gibraltar stick holder which fits onto the bass drum hoop? I like to lay a couple of sticks on my bass drum lugs but they have a habit of wandering off.

C.M. Jones

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My AHEAD stick bag. It holds everything I need for gigs and transport. It's also a convenient place to store my Last Will and Testament. It might hold my ashes some day as well. How's that for optimal utility?